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I just want to help out

True story: When I started going to the Childs Park Neighborhood Association meetings, I was there to help in any way I could. Sis Brenda Nelson was the President and I was there to support her. After a few months of working together she asked me to be the President and I refused. I had no desire to be a "leader" and we all kept on working (and they kept

After several months of service, we organized a Community Forum to address Police speeding through the neighborhood which was a huge success (and eventually led to a change in Policy.) After that forum, the Board Members of the Association corned me, Mrs Nelson included, and TOLD me, " You are OUR President!"

I was still reluctant and told them I didn't want the position. THEY said, " YOU ARE our President." and they assured me they would help and support me; they basically made me an "offer I couldn't refuse." I asked for time to consider it and after speaking with my Wife, I submitted and accepted the job.

Even after accepting the role, I never considered myself a "leader", (and still don't.) The people in the neighborhood literally "made" me their President and strive hard on a daily basis to represent them to the best of my ability.

They know I'm not perfect, and I make mistakes, but what they do know is that I'm sincere.

My prayer is when the story is told, the record will reflect the FACT that I had no desire to be anything other than a Good Brother, a Servant of the people and a Child of God by His Grace.

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